Lisa Mini – the fast and small type B sterilizer

Xceed speed

Lisa Mini impresses with incredible fast cycles and its flexible usability. The compact dimensions guarantee an optimal integration into the reprocessing room. Fully equipped, Lisa Mini also offers the peace of mind of a type B sterilizer such as our Lisa, Lara or Lina sterilizers.

    • Xceeding cycle times

      With Lisa Mini all load types can be sterilized. Thanks to the different cycles, it is possible to reprocess any instrument, wrapped or unwrapped, with extremely short cycle times. In addition, the sterilizer offers one of the fastest type B cycles in its performance class.

      Unwrapped loads: 10 min
      Wrapped loads: 20 min


      • Wide range of applications

        Xceeding flexibility

        Take advantage of Lisa Mini‘s flexibility. Thanks to its small dimensions, Lisa Mini can be easily positioned in the reprocessing room. Moreover, it offers the possibility to stack items on top. Thus, Lisa Mini offers a wide range of applications, e.g., as a complementary device for the fast reprocessing of instruments or as emergency back-up of tabletop sterilizers.

      • Chamber size

        High load flexibility

        Lisa Mini is available with a chamber size of 5 litres:

        The 5 litres Lisa Mini can thus reprocess up to 1,5 kg of load.

      • Trays and cassettes

        Even more flexibility

        The devices come along with 2 trays, an optional 3-tray accessory is available for even more loading flexibility.

        Lisa Mini also offers space for four 5-instruments cassettes or two 10-instruments cassettes.


        • Traceability

          Enhanced traceability

          The documentation is automatically saved via a high-capacity USB stick.

          The barcode label printer provides additional support on traceability thanks to the opportunity for linking cycle, sterilization package and patient.

          The cycle report printer ensures adequate paper documentation of the cycle.

          Wi-Fi and LAN connections offer the possibility to download cycle reports directly to any PC or smart device.

        • Connectivity

          Advanced connectivity

          The W&H Med Steri App allows controlling and remote monitoring of the sterilizer. Moreover, cycle history back-up automatically saved on smartphone ensures extra-safety.

          W&H Med Steri App

          The W&H Med Steri App is an advanced smartphone and tablet application that allows controlling and remote monitoring of the sterilizer in your clinic. Moreover, cycle history back-up automatically saved on smartphone ensures extra-safety.


          The application is compatible with all sterilizers currently available.
          Available languages: EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, ZH-CN, JP

          Main features:

          Remote control of your sterilizer: the user can remotely command up to 4 sterilizers.
          Advanced traceability: EliTrace feature is now fully supported and the App permits to create instrument database directly from your smart device. In addition to this function, the management and tracking of dental instruments is integrated.
          Reports creation: the App allows making intervention reports in order to collect data regarding specific treatments.
          User management: creation and handling of sterilizer users directly from your smart device.
          Backup functionality: all the cycle reports are automatically saved to assure more protection of data.

          • Xceeding upgradeability

            thanks to Activation Codes.

            Needs and requirements may change. Prepare yourself now: With the Activation Code system, additional functions can be activated to reflect your changing practice needs and meet future requirements.

            With the EliTrace feature, the sterilization process can be traced and documented down to the individual instrument or kit. Without any additional software or computer.

            Six steps to your customised sterilizer:

            1. Purchase the Activation Code of your choice from your local approved supplier.
            2. After receiving the related login code, go to
            3. Specify this code along with the serial number and model of your sterilizer.
            4. Your individual, secure Activation Code is generated.
            5. Enter this code in the menu of your sterilizer.
            6. The feature is available.

            • Intuitive menus

              Xceeding comfort

              Not only small and fast, but also fully equipped. The Lisa Mini touch screen with intuitive menus offers a wide range of options to meet all your needs.

              Simple cycle selection: As soon as the Lisa Mini is switched on, the home screen immediately displays the cycle selection.

              Risk-free cycle selection: Thanks to the possibility of customising the start screen with only the sterilization cycles used, daily activities are simplified.

              User guidance: Instruction is available with the help button in order to assist you during navigation.

              Guided maintenance: A set of 3-D animations shows you the main maintenance operations step by step. This makes operation easy and straightforward.

            • Reduced maintenance

              Convincing arguments

              Quality, reliability and reduced maintenance:

              The maintenance interval of the Lisa Mini sterilizer is 4,000 cycles or 5 years thanks to high-quality components.

            • Automatic water filling

              Easy filling

              The automatic water filling makes the handling convenient:

              An integrated funnel prevents water splashes during the filling process.

              An automatic water filling valve allows you to connect a demineralization system.

              Manual filling and draining are no longer necessary.

              Appropriate accessories


              Print out cycle protocols on thermal paper with 10-year paper guarantee. More Info!


              Multidem supplies demineralized water for steam generation and can be used for many conventional sterilizers and processing units. As a result, it ensures consistent and optimised performance, thereby extending the service life of your sterilizer. More Info!

              Barcode scanner

              The scanner enables you to scan labels into patient files.

              Helix Test

              The Helix test ensures optimum process control for type B sterilizers. The QR code on the test strips enables full traceability and easy use with eLog, the digital logbook.
              More Info!

              Barcode label printer

              The label printer can be connected to the sterilizer to print barcodes. In combination with the integrated data logger, it improves your traceability system. The label printer is a quick and easy tool to link the sterilization cycle with patient files.
              More Info!

              • Environmentally friendly packaging

                The environmentally friendly packaging is completely reusable and recyclable. Plastic components were reduced to a minimum. For 99% of its weight, the new package is made of cardboard and other fully biodegradable substances.

                Product & consumables

                Lisa Mini sterilizer, 5 litres

                supplied with 2 aluminium trays, drain hose, tray holder, 8 GB USB stick, door opening tool, factory test, 50/60 Hz

                Lisa Mini RIS-305 (220 V)
                REF 19935101

                Chamber size 5 litre, vacuum pump

                Lisa Mini RIS-305 (110 V)
                REF 19935201

                Chamber size 5 litre, vacuum pump

              • Lisa Mini sterilization cycles

                Sterilization cycle B Universal 134 B Prion 134 B Universal 121 S Wrapped 134 S Unwrapped
                Temperature: 134°C 134°C 121°C 134°C 134°C
                Holding time (minutes): 5' 30" 20' 30" 20' 30" 5' 30" 3' 30"
                Total cycle duration
                including drying:
                24' 30"–32' 00" 39' 30"–47' 00" 40' 00"–47' 30" 20' 45"–24' 30" 10' 15"–14' 00"
                Load type: All types of load (*) Solid items, Simple hollow items (Hollow B), Specific load: dental load, medical load (1) and handpieces
                Max. load: Wrapped and unwrapped items: 1.5 kg Unwrapped items:
                1,5 kg
                Wrapped and unwrapped porous/textile: 100 g
                Test cycles: Helix/Bowie and Dick/Vacuum
                Item supplied with 2 aluminium trays, drain hose, tray holder, 8 GB USB stick, door opening tool, factory test.

                (*) Excluded liquid
                (1) Dental load according to ISO 17665-3; for medical load is intended to load up to grade 7 steam penetration according to ISO 17665-3.

                Lisa Mini

                Trade name:
                Lisa Mini
                Chamber size: 5 litres
                Power supply: 200–240 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 10 A single phase
                100–125 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 12 A single phase
                Power consumption: 2–2.4 kW (220 V)/1.2–1.5 kW (110 V)
                Overall dimension (w × h × d): 440 mm × 200 mm × 666 mm
                Weight: 24.4 kg
                Main/used water tanks: 2.5 l/0.6 l
                Working range: 3 to 7 cycles
                Connection types: 5 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, automatic water filling kit

                Lisa Mini sterilizers were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:
                Medical Device Regulation
                IEC 61326-1
                Electromagnetic compatibility
                IEC 61770
                Electric appliances connected to the water mains
                Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
                IEC 61010-1
                Safety requirements
                EN 13060
                Small steam sterilizers
                Pressure Equipment Directive
                IEC 61010-2-040
                Specific requirements for steam sterilizer
                > The sterilizer can be validated according
                to EN ISO 17665-1