Lara sterilizer

Ready for the future

As unique as your practice
The Lara sterilizers offer the fastest sterilization cycle in their class – including standard documentation. An additional, newly developed upgrade system offers an extended documentation as optional feature – and thus ensures that you are optimally equipped even with changing requirements.

  • Lara

    Lara sterilizers
    Discover outstanding performance

    The Lara sterilizers offer you one of the fastest cycles in its performance class right from the standard version. And you can improve it even by activating the additional feature for higher performance.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Fastest cycle in its segment
    • Automatic cycle record via high capacity USB stick
    • Optional high end label and cycle report printer
    • Ergonomic and functional design
    • Colour touch display for easy controlling
    • Ideal dimensions to integrate and operate
    • Reliable traceability

      Discover simple operation & reliable traceability

      The Lara colour touch screen has been selected and designed to make your daily work easier, faster and more efficient. Lara also offers a comprehensive traceability system customized to your needs.

    • Easy to use

      Easy to use

      The intelligent menu structure of the Lara sterilizers ensures extraordinarily high operating comfort: you can browse to the preset programs quickly and intuitively using the large colour touch screen.

    • Data logger

      High capacity data logger

      A high capacity USB drive automatically records the cycle reports throughout Lara’s entire service life. Optionally available: the Lara label and cycle report printer with which you can document the traceability without an additional computer or separate software.

    • Easy filling

      Easy filling

      A high capacity integrated funnel prevents water splashes during the filling process.

    • Tank access

      Effortless tank access

      The tank cover can be easily removed without tools to clean the tank.

    • Water filling

      Automatic water filling

      An automatic water filling valve allows you to connect a demineralization system. Manual filling and draining are no longer required.

    • Easy and practical

      Easy and practical

      Lara enables you to select the number of labels to be printed by LisaSafe either automatically or manually.

      Discover feature upgrades

      Whatever occurs in the future, with the Lara sterilizers you're well-prepared.

      Effectively, the innovative upgradeability system offers you a cost-efficient, rapid and customized opportunity to activate additional features to reflect your practice needs or comply with future requirements.
      The additional features at a glance:

      Eco Dry + automatically adapts the drying time to the mass of the load – and, in doing so, saves time and energy.

      Time saving
      Type B cycles process and perfectly dry 2 KG OF LOAD IN LESS THAN 40 MINUTES.

      Extends service life
      Automatic adjustment of the drying time depending on the load reduces the heat exposure time. This extends the service life of your instruments.

      Energy saving
      The optimization of the drying time means reduced energy consumption. Making Lara the »green solution«.

      User identification
      You can also acquire additional features such as user identification with Activation Codes: the user who has loaded/unloaded the sterilizer can be digitally recorded. Users are identified by a 6-digit PIN.

      Load release confirmation
      Also available as an upgrade: the approval confirmation. This option digitally records the name of the user and their confirmation of the successful sterilization and/or test cycle.

      Discover warranty upgrade

      The Activation Code “Warranty Extension” extends the warranty of the sterilizer by 12 months.

      Six steps to your customized sterilizer:

      1. Purchase the Activation Code of your choice from your local approved dental supplier.
      2. After receiving the related login code, go to
      3. Specify this code along with the serial number and model of your sterilizer.
      4. Your individual, secure Activation Code is generated.
      5. Enter this code in the menu of your sterilizer.
      6. The feature is available.

      Lara sterilizer

      supplied with reversible rack, 3 aluminium trays, drain tube, tray holder, 8 GB USB drive, door opening tool, factory test

      Lara RIL-122
      REF 19942140

      Chamber size 22 litre

    • Lara sterilization programs

      Sterilization cycle B-Universal 134 B-Prion 134 B-Universal 121 Fast cycle
      Temperature: 134 °C 134 °C  121 °C 134 °C
      Holding time (minutes): 5' 30'' 20' 30'' 20' 30'' 3' 30''
      Total cycle duration
      (minutes) including
      complete drying:
      Automatic from Typical
      Automatic from Typical
      Automatic from Full load
      54' 42'–76' 20'–22'
      Max. load: maximum solid 5.5 kg/typical 2 kg/maximum porous 2 kg max. unwrapped 2 kg
      Max. containers load: maximum 9 kg Not applicable
      Test cycles: Helix/Bowie and Dick/Vacuum

      Items supplied with: reversible rack, 3 aluminium trays, drain tube, tray holder, 8 GB USB drive, door opening tool, factory test  

      Trade name: Lara
      Type: RIL-122
      Chamber size: 22 l
      Power supply: 200–240 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 10 A
      Power consumption: 2.0–2.4 kW
      Overall dimension
      (width x height x depth):
      465 x 452 x 646 mm
      Weight (empty): 44 kg
      Main / Used water tanks: 4.8/4.8 l
      Working range: 7 to 15 cycles
      Usable space (w x h x d): 195 x 195 x 400 mm (1)
      Connection types: 2 USB ports (optional 5), integrated automatic water filling valve

      (1) Usable space is referred to standard rack configuration.

      Lara sterilizers were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:

      N°2017/745 Medical Device Regulation
      2014/68/EU Pressure equipment Directive
      EN 13060 Small steam sterilizer
      IEC 61326-1 Electromagnetic compatibility
      IEC 61010-1 Safety requirements
      IEC 61770 Specific requirements for steam sterilizer
      IEC 61010-2-040 Electric appliances connected to the water mains
      2012/19/EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

      The sterilizer can be validated according to EN ISO 17665-1