COVID-19: Stop the chain of infection!

The importance of infection prevention has never been more obvious. To protect yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues and your patients as best you can, you need the best hygiene and reprocessing solutions.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions

Choosing the right sterilizing solution is like choosing a friend. You look out for caring characteristics and expect the best intentions. True friends protect each other and always want the best for one another. So does Lexa: the sterilizer with the most appropriate characteristics in its class!

Lexa's special characterisitics

Closed-door drying for highest sterility

Even though open-door drying is a common method, only the closed-door drying process with HEPA filters can really ensure sterility of the instruments throughout the entire sterilization cycle. With the perfectly dried pouches or wrapped cassettes the paper is not permeable and thus, sterility at its best guaranteed. In addition, Lexa offers:

  • closed vacuum-assisted drying that reduces the time for drying.
  • automatic door closing for extra safety regarding the pressure vessel.

Independent Steam Generator

Currently, the medium that most reliably destroys all forms of microbial life, is moist heat in form of saturated steam under pressure. With the independent steam generator, steam is not produced in the chamber providing an even faster cycle.

Water quality management

  • Double water tanks: The clean water tank ensures best water quality, which means water free of any residual like oil, alcohol, protein residuals of bacteria.
  • Single use water management: Fresh water for each cycle increases the quality of the cycle processes and enables highest hygiene standards.
  • Automatic water filling: Convenient and time saving.

Traceability for unprecedented performance

  • User management and load release option: for a complete and customized traceability system
  • Wi-Fi connection/LAN connection: with the Remote Data Storage cycles are directly saved on your PC, while the connection of the W&H Steri App offers benefits like remote monitoring, additional cycle report back-up and user management.
  • USB pen drive: for automatically saved cycles with all parameters.
  • Label printer: for easy connection of a label printer to link the pouch to patients and cycles.
Sterilization on a high standard

Lexa Sterilizer

Ensures highly efficient sterilization processes, because proper sterilization is more important than ever: to protect your patients and practice, yourself and your instruments.

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Availability guaranteed

In times when essential items are suddenly unavailable, we can ensure that the North American supply chain of Lexa sterilizers has sufficient inventory. Please contact us for an individual consultation.

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For technical information please contact:
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