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Piezomed Pro

Optimal solution for your rhinoplasty treatment

The combination of Piezomed Pro and Amadeo offers optimal flexibility for a wide range of treatments. The unique 2-in-1 solution combines innovative piezo technology with a powerful surgical motor. A noticeable relief for the patient too: Less swelling, better healing!

  • For me, the new surgical system from W&H MED is an all-in-one solution, as ultrasonic technology and burs are integrated in one device. I was involved in the development of the exclusive piezo tip set for dorsal preservation. With it, we have made the surgery even safer because subdorsal structures and radix can be treated more gently.

    Dr Milos Kovacevic
    Specialist in ENT and facial plastic surgery

    The W&H MED system combines piezo technology with the option of using rotating instruments – in one single device. This means that it can be used for rhinoplasty, as well as other plastic surgery procedures. Together with a group of rhinoplasty experts, piezo tips have been developed for all nasal surgery indications. For the first time, W&H now also offers tips for the closed dorsal preservation approach. I am proud that I have taken part of this development.

    Dr Philipp Mayr
    Specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

    Wireless or wired foot control

    Experience total freedom of movement in the OR with our wireless foot control. Operate both the Piezomed Pro and Amadeo devices effortlessly with just one control, whether wired or wireless.

    Optimum flexibility during treatment

    The combination of a powerful surgical motor and innovative piezo technology combines the best of both worlds. Modularity provides a high degree of control during surgical procedures, from bone modelling to tissue preparation.

    Specialised tip portfolio

    An extensive portfolio of tips enables efficient and safe work during surgical procedures and for the various surgical techniques: high precision for the best possible results.

    Instrument changer

    Particularly durable and robust for quick and easy changing of instruments by using a high-quality torque wrench that tightens the instrument to the correct torque.

    New Piezo Handpiece

    Discover comfort and precision with our ergonomic Piezomed handpiece. Designed for easy access and effective cooling.

    Handpieces and electric motor

    Experience fatigue-free working with our straight and angulated handpieces, designed for optimal ergonomics. Combined with a strong, compact, and lightweight electric motor, they deliver exceptionally low vibration levels, ensuring smooth and comfortable procedures.

W&H presents Piezomed Pro for rhinoplasty

At the 3rd German Rhinoplasty Congress in Frankfurt held in early May, cutting-edge surgical techniques, the latest scientific findings, and advancements in rhinoplasty were showcased. The congress offered a platform for exchanging knowledge, networking, and further training. In this exclusive setting, W&H Med presented the new Piezomed Pro – piezo surgery specially developed for ear, nose, and throat and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

W&H Med takes off: focus on new business areas

The international W&H Group is primarily known in the medical technology sector for high-quality dental precision instruments. With W&H Med, the Austrian-based company is now continuing its success story in a new business area. In addition to sterilizers, the business unit will focus on surgical devices for ear, nose, and throat as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery.