Helix test

Optimal process control of type-B sterilizers

The Helix test is a test device for type-B sterilizers. It is classified as a Process Challenge Device (PCD) for evaluating air removal and steam penetration capability of a sterilizer. It acts as a hollow body (narrow lumen/type A according to EN 13060) which, due to its physical shape, simulates the most difficult requirements for the sterilization of hollow body instruments.

    • Function

      The Helix PCD is placed in the steam sterilizer along with the test strip and exposed to a test cycle. The steam must penetrate the tube and reach the end where the test strip is located.

      At the end of the cycle, the test strip can be checked. For a successfully completed test, the chemical indicator must be uniformly reached by the steam for a specified time at a specified temperature (3.5 minutes at 132–137°C or 15 minutes at 121–124°C). The colour of the test strip provides information about the test result.


      The W&H Helix test consists of 3 main parts:

      › The Helix body contains a plastic tube with a length of 1.5 m and a diameter of 2 mm.

      › The cap hermetically seals the system and serves as a holder for

      › a chemical indicator test strip

      • Step 1

        Inserting the Helix test strip

        1. Take a test strip.

        2. Fold it along the centre line, so the blank sides are on the outside.

        3. Insert the test strip into the cap.

        4. Close the system by turning the cap clockwise until it reaches the mark.

      • Step 2

        Positioning in the sterilizer

        Place the Helix test in the centre of a tray and place the tray on the lowest shelf of the rack in the sterilizer. The sterilizer chamber must be empty.

      • Step 3

        Program selection

        Select and start the Helix-B&D test cycle.

      • Step 4

        Reading test result

        1. Open the sterilizer.

        2. Unscrew the cap and remove the test strip.

        3. Visually inspect the test strip. The colouring provides information about the test result.

      • Step 5

        Storing the test results

        Save the test results according to your local regulations or guidelines.

        Helix test Starter Kit

        Starter Kit

        Helix test Starter kit
        REF T800206X

        25 STRIP W&H

        Helix test standard kit

        Standard Kit

        Helix test Standard kit
        REF T800207X

        250 STRIP W&H