Secure packaging for sterile goods

EliReel rolls are the ideal packaging for the safe reprocessing of instruments
in the sterilizer.

  • EliReel rolls

    Packaging at the
    highest level

    The combination of paper and foil forms a reliable protective barrier against germs.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Robust and tear-resistant
    • Excellent drying
    • Simple, quick, unambiguous
    EliReel packaging is particularly robust


    EliReel packaging is particularly robust
    and tear-resistant.
    EliReel has excellent drying properties


    EliReel is particularly resistant and has excellent drying properties.
    EliReel provides simple, quick and unambiguous information

    Ease of use

    EliReel provides simple, quick and unambiguous information as to whether the sterilized item has already been reprocessed.
    Only one steam indicator

    Steam indicator

    In order to simplify daily use and avoid errors, there is only the steam indicator.

    It quickly and easily shows whether the sterile goods have already been sterilized.
    Sterile goods storage


    EliReel meets the highest requirements for sterile goods storage.

    Pouches created with EliReel

    EliReel pouches

    Pouches created with EliReel can
    be easily opened prior to treatment.

    Seal Check stripes

    Easy checks
    for best results

    Regular checks and verification lead to the best possible results.
    The Seal Check serves exactly this purpose:
    Verify and check the quality of the seal performed by W&H sealing devices.
    The routine tests support the practice to keep a high standard in the sealing process.

    Seal Check

    • For validation of the closure security of sealed goods in sterilization packages
    • Possible air leaks are monitored in order to ensure the best result in terms of sterility preservation
    • Easy to use and integrated into the daily routine

    EliReel rolls

    PET/PP (polyester and polypropylene)
    6 months duration of sterility

    REF 19500000

    EliReel 5.5 cm × 200 m

    REF 19500001

    EliReel 7.5 cm × 200 m

    REF 19500002

    EliReel 10 cm × 200 m

    REF 19500003

    EliReel 15 cm × 200 m

    REF 19500004

    EliReel 20 cm × 200 m

    REF 19500005

    EliReel 25 cm × 200 m

    REF 19500006

    EliReel 30 cm × 200 m

    Seal Check

    Pack includes 100 test sheets; EN 11607-1 and EN 11607-2 compliant

    Seal Check
    REF T802100X

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  • EliReel

    Width × length:

    5.5 cm ×
    200 m

    7.5 cm ×
    200 m

    10 cm ×
    200 m

    15 cm ×
    200 m

    20 cm ×
    200 m

    25 cm ×
    200 m

    30 cm ×
    200 m




    PET/PP (polyester and polypropylene)

    Duration of sterility:

    180 days (6 months) when stored correctly (temperature 20–25°C and humidity 35–50%)