W&H Med Lina and Lyla

More safety for your patients, your staff and yourself

Master all challenges with W&H Med Lina and Lyla! With their sophisticated technical concept, the new sterilizers from W&H provide the best performance for safe reprocessing and infection prevention. They are easy to operate and ergonomically designed and the ideal partner in every practice.

W&H Med Lina & Lyla
W&H Med Lina & Lyla provide best performance for safe reprocessing and infection prevention.

Infection prevention is a worldwide concern. Steam sterilization plays a significant role in the reprocessing of medical instruments to prevent the transmission of infections. The W&H Med Lina and W&H Med Lyla sterilizers offer best support for professionals in their daily activities. Thanks to simplified work processes, improved usability, enhanced safety and more flexibility, W&H Med Lina and Lyla master all challenges ahead!

W&H Med Lina: Best performance in B type sterilization

The new generation of the W&H Med Lina sterilizer meets all requirements for simple operation and high efficiency. Users benefit from improved usability outside and technology inside.

Faster cycle time in its category: No matter how many treatments a day – Lina supports with various sterilization programs: with the Eco B feature, it is possible to reprocess 0.5 kg in 30 minutes. The Lina fast cycle is specific for all types of unwrapped instruments and sterilizes 4 kg in just 37 minutes. The B Universal 121 °C cycle even allows the reprocessing of sensitive items, including porous such as surgical clothing.

Ease of use: A 3.5’’ touch screen display enables smooth operation. The simplified user interface and menu structure support in all day-to-day operations. The easily removable cover gives effortless access to the water tanks without tools. Filling is particularly simple with the integrated funnel. Thanks to the high level of reliability, the service interval is set to 4,000 cycles or 5 years.

Future-proof and connectivity: Thanks to Activation Code System, W&H Med Lina offers an innovative upgradeability tool. Activation Codes offer a tailored opportunity to enhance additional features that meet individual practice needs and comply with future requirements. Extended connectivity is guaranteed by the W&H Med Steri App, which allows controlling and remote monitoring of the sterilizer; furthermore, cycle history back-up saved on smartphone ensures extra-safety.

W&H Lina
W&H Lina – The power of efficiency

W&H Med Lyla: The best standard for S type sterilization

S type sterilization is a safe and sustainable method of reprocessing medical items. The new Lyla sterilizer offers the fastest cycle in its segment. Lyla will be a strong teammate to speed up daily activities.

Flexibility to speed up practice workflow: Different available cycles guarantee the possibility to sterilize several instrument types, including hollow bodies, both wrapped and unwrapped. The 121 °C cycle ensures the sterilization of sensitive items and porous loads, such as surgical clothing.

Simple operation and reliability: Unique operating concept thanks to touch screen display and simplified menu structure, time-saving maintenance and advanced functionality raise to be Lyla considered as a benchmark in its class.

Ready for the future: It doesn’t matter if needs and requirements may change. Via Activation Code System, the W&H Med Lyla is upgradeable. Additional features enable tailored opportunities. This advanced technology provides best price-performance ratio and future security.

W&H Lyla
W&H Lyla – Secure and sustainable


W&H Med Lina and W&H Med Lyla provide professional sterilization for a peace of mind reprocessing and infection prevention – the best solution to interrupt the chain of infection!